Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pinterest Recipes???

Good evening!  
  So more often than not, I will pin recipes on Pinterest.  Some have been VERY good, and some have been very BAD.  As much as I would like to tell you all about the bad ones, I am going to start with this yummy delicious one I found.
  While on Pinterest, I came upon a recipe for Turkey Spinach meatballs.  Now, I am anemic, and have been for the majority of my life.  (I tried to give blood once, and my blood floats.  Its pretty gross) So in my head, I am thinking, hmmmm dark green veggies are a plus for anemic people, and turkey is really low in fat, and it just so happened that I had a 5lb chub of ground turkey in the freezer! (I had asked the kids to put it in the fridge so I could divide it up, but sometimes, kids just don't listen) 

Here is the recipe in it's entirety from Brandie at http://homecookingmemories.com/ (who rocks by the way, y'all should check out her blog!)

Let me tell you, not only were they super easy to make, they are DELICIOUS.  No joke.  Hubby ate an entire tray of them straight out of the oven.....which leads me to this....

Even though we are using the meatballs for Thursday night dinner, (Baked Rigatoni) Hubby dipped them in soy sauce (that and about 8 other different sauces).  He said it tasted like pot stickers filling, I didn't believe him, I mean, it's turkey and spinach!  Tasting is believing, so I tried, and yes, they taste like pot sticker filling when dipped in soy sauce.  

So needless to say, first game of the season, we are having turkey spinach pot stickers.  
The recipe was super easy, and I highly recommend it, anemic or not!


Monday, August 27, 2012

Hello there and welcome!

Hello there everyone, 
  Thank you for stopping by.  I started this blog a while ago for other things, but I decided to bombard y'all with stuff I like, things that are interesting to me, and share some recipes and some kitchen and household tips.  I am a married mother of a total of 4 kids, 2 are born from me, 2 came with the package when I got married to the Mr. in October 2010.  I am a busy busy mom, as you can imagine.  I love cooking, baking, couponing (just barely getting into it, trying to learn the ropes), football, NASCAR, singing, reading, etc.  I am a pretty well rounded person, I will try anything once, including random things on Pinterest.  (Which I hope I can show you as well!)
  I am always open to suggestions, comments, complaints, whatever!  If you have a recipe, tip, or pretty much anything, let me know, and I will feature it here! 
  I hope you come back often! 

Thank you,